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List of Cogswell Poem Titles Published by Borealis

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The Best Notes Merge. Ottawa: Borealis, 1988.

“The Strongest Blade”
“Pavane: Dog”
“The Poem as Artifact: for George Bowering”


Black and White Tapestry. Ottawa: Borealis, 1989.

“If The Only World...”
“In My Old Age...”
“Then and Now”
“Weak Loves Will Die”
“The Caged Squirrel”


Watching an Eagle. Ottawa: Borealis, 1991.

“The Lover: For Gail”
“Earth and Sky: A Marriage”


When the Right Light Shines. Ottawa: Borealis, 1992.

“Query for a Machine Age”
“A Double Rose”


In Praise of Old Music. Ottawa: Borealis, 1992.

“A Paradox”
“The Lonely Boy”
“I Do Not Know What Eden’s Garden’s For”


In My Own Growing. Ottawa: Borealis, 1993.

“Where Sunlight on the Aspens Glancing...”


As I See It. Ottawa: Borealis, 1994.

“If Truth Were a Strong Wind”


The Trouble With Light. Ottawa: Borealis, 1996.

“Who Wants...”
“Don’t Take Me Over”


Folds. Nepean, ON: Borealis, 1997.

“A Summing-Up”


A Double Question. Nepean, ON: Borealis, 1999.

“The Masters”


With Vision Added. Nepean, ON: Borealis, 2000.

“The Purest Pleasure”
“True Primitive”
“An Old Heresy Writ New”


Deeper Than Mind. Ottawa: Borealis, 2001.

“Now When”


Dried Flowers. Ottawa: Borealis, 2002.

“Why It Is Not the Same”


Later in Chicago. Ottawa: Borealis, 2003.

“Comma Butterfly”
“A Tribute”


The Kindness of Stars. Ottawa: Borealis, 2004.

“House at Night”
“Life Is”


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