The items in the Primary Source bibliography below are listed chronologically in order to show Cogswell's labour and focus at various stages of his career.

The items in the Secondary Source bibliography are listed alphabetically.

Both bibliographies (Primary and Secondary), as well as the sections within those, should be considered Selected rather than comprehensive. Because much of Cogswell's early work found its way into obscure journals and small magazines, many now out of print and lost to history, it is unlikely that a complete bibliography could ever be constructed. As well, Cogswell's voluminous correspondence brought him to the attention of non-literary artists who used his work in unconventional ways. In 1984, for example, the Estonian-born composer Janis Kalnins wrote the New Brunswick Song Cycle for choir and voice, setting Cogswell's poem "A Ballad of Orchard Evening" to music. In 2003, Colin Bradley Pridy, a musician studying at the University of British Columbia, did likewise, creating a composition for mezzo-soprano and pianoforte from Cogswell's poem "The Cross-Grained Tree." The work was later released as part of Pridy's Master's thesis at UBC.

The Cogswell bibliography below, then, is as complete as possible, certainly the most comprehensive bibliography so far produced.


I. Bibliography of Primary Sources



Anthologies and Editions

Literary Criticism: Articles, Essays, Chapters, Introductions, etc.

Literary Criticism: Selected Reviews

II. Bibliography of Secondary Sources

Articles About & Interviews with Fred Cogswell

Selected Reviews of Fred Cogswell's Work


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