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Borealis Press

Unfortunately, this selection of Cogswell’s poems does not include the work of the latter half of his poetic career. I learned late into the project that Borealis would not grant permission to reprint 40 poems from Cogswell’s last sixteen volumes, all published by Borealis. While I will not comment on Borealis’s decision, I think I can say with a fair degree of certainty that their decision would have disappointed Fred. He was an editor and publisher of unparalleled generosity, seeking always to find ways to put the creative work of others before a wide public audience. It was his example I followed in compiling this collection of his works. So while I respect the decision of Borealis to deny permission to reprint his poems – they do, after all, hold copyright – I deeply regret how their decision limits the appreciation of Cogswell’s post-1983 work.


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