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This volume was created with the assistance of many students and colleagues at St. Thomas University and the University of New Brunswick. To begin, I gratefully acknowledge the support of the late Fred Cogswell, who not only gave his blessing to the project in its earliest stages but who also happily assented to interviews during his final months in New Brunswick. More recently I received the same gracious welcome and support from Fred’s daughter Kathleen Forsythe in Vancouver. As Fred’s literary executor, Kathleen gave me permission to reprint her father’s work in this volume.

For administrative support, Margie Reed and Lehanne Knowlton were, as always, invaluable, as were Peter Mersereau and Chandell Gosse, two talented undergraduate research assistants. Two doctoral students were also essential to the project. New Brunswick poet Tammy Armstrong, now a Fulbright Scholar in the U.S., provided cheerful and comprehensive research assistance, and Gene Kondusky, a doctoral student at UNB, lent his computer expertise to the digital design of this innovative interface.

Assisting Tammy and Gene were Pat Belier, Francesca Holyoke, Patsy Hale, and Patti Johnson at the Harriet Irving Library (Archives and Special Collections), and Geoffrey Allen, Erik Moore, Mike Meade, and Jennifer Whitney at UNB’s Electronic Text Centre.

For financial support I gratefully acknowledge the funding of the Canada Research Chairs Secretariat (SSHRC), the Editing Modernism in Canada Strategic Knowledge Clusters grant (SSHRC, Dean Irvine, PI), and the in-kind assistance of the always-encouraging Gayle MacDonald, Dean of Research at St. Thomas University. I also wish to thank Barry Craig, VP Academic at St. Thomas University, who supported this project in tangible ways, and my close friend and colleague Demetres Tryphonopoulos (UNB), whose scholarly productivity is exceeded only by the care he extends to his graduate students.

Finally, I wish to thank Cynthia Sugars, Robert Gibbs, and the peer reviewers of this manuscript for their incisive and fair-minded suggestions for its improvement. To my wife Ellen, always muse and counsel, this and all that I do is dedicated.

Tony Tremblay
Fredericton, NB
May 2012


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